Modak Australia
Modak Australia manufactures, sells, delivers and assembles environmental designer homes built for Australian conditions.
Modak homes are strong and built to last - 100% fire resistance, cyclone proof and impervious to termites.
The future of home building is here and it costs less than you may think.


Welcome to a whole new way of living

Modak (MCS) intra modular technology - smarter, stronger, environmentally friendly and affordable quality homes

Modak designer homes go well beyond traditional building methods. A home designed with you in mind. A home that will stand the test of time. A home for every environment. A sustainable home. An environmentally responsible home. A safe home. An affordable home. The home of the future. Your home.

The Outbak The Modern The Desert The Silverton Classic The Emerald - 2 storey

Just the beginning of our new range of designer houses.

Modak has the right home for you and we are taking no deposit pre-orders now! Modak homes are revolutionary in their design. The houses are of a very high quality using the latest technology in Eco Green building materials and built with an exclusive modular construction, the "Modak Construction System" (MCS) designed by Modaks Chief Engineers. Modak homes showcase appealing modern designs and are built to combat the extremes of Australian conditions. Modak will assemble the home on your land or you can choose later from Modak house and land packages.

No other building company in Australia can offer you these benefits.

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